Issue 40- Anno 2019

App “SABO AR” now available on Apple and Play Store!

SABO has developed this app to allow a 360° and 3D sight of the new SABO’s Black label 45 technology.
SABO’s “Black Label 45” technology is included in all 45 mm piston shock absorbers.
Open the app, scan the SABO pdf, flyer or SABO’s Black label 45 logo and immerse yourself in SABO’s augmented reality: you can interact with our shock absorber, have a close look to the technical innovations and much more.

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news from the World

Silent overnight deliveries test uses hybrid truck
A pilot study to test silent overnight deliveries has been launched at six McDonald’s restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden using a hybrid truck from Scania operated by HAVI.
Scania driver competition 2019
scania driver
Driving skills are essential for delivering safe, sustainable and efficient transport solutions. That’s why the Scania Driver Competition rewards professional drivers who make a difference behind the wheel.
With over 350,000 participants globally, the Scania Driver Competition is the world’s biggest competition for truck drivers.

Spectacular Airbus transport with a Mercedes-Benz

Spektakulärer Airbus-Transport mit einer Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 SLT SchwerlastzugmaschineSpectacular Airbus transport with a Mercedes-Benz Actros 4163 SLT heavy-haulage tractor unit
Germany by night with a low-flying Airbus A 320 and a heavy-haulage Actros SLT tractor unit from Mercedes-Benz – this spectacular heavy-haulage operation took place throughout Germany and drew in the crowds wherever it passed.
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