SABO has developed this app to allow a 360° and 3D sight of the new SABO’s Black label 45 technology.

SABO’s “Black Label 45” technology is included in all 45 mm piston shock absorbers.

Open the app, scan the SABO pdf, flyer or SABO’s Black label 45 logo and immerse yourself in SABO’s augmented reality: you can interact with our shock absorber, have a close look to the technical innovations and much more.

Thanks to the use of Augmented Reality technology, the App recognizes the picture of our shock absorber and turns it into an interactive, 3D model on your smartphone.

Clicking on the buttons that will appear on your screen you will be able to see each innovative element directly inside the shock absorber. You will be able to appreciate in detail the: NEW OIL SEAL, NEW ROD GUIDE, NEW PISTON ROD, NEW UPPER CLOSING CAP AND THE NEW REBOUND STOPPER.

*To enjoy the “SABO AR” experience at the fullest we recommend to print and scan the SABO pdf 

To download the app frame one of the QR Codes you can find below, or log in to Apple and Play Store, search for “SABO AR” and enjoy SABO app for augmented reality!


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