It was early last summer when a man came to the Roberto Nuti Spa warehouse carrying a heavy box. «Inside – he said – there’s a used shock absorber, which has come to the end of its life cycle and I’d like to exchange it for a new part ». To everyone’s great surprise the box contained a shock absorber from the last century, produced in July 1999. The part had been in constant use for all those years, proof of Sabo’s «Lasting quality» promotional slogan.

Massimo Nuti, general manager of the Roberto Nuti Spa group, rewarded the customer for his loyalty by giving him a brand new spare part. It was a shock absorber for a Ror Meritor type self-tracking axle, which is still available in our catalogue. And what happened to the old part? «We share this important success with all group’s employees – Massimo Nuti says – during the traditional toast before summer vacation».

The long lasting shock absorber, which features on the front cover of this issue (and you can see in the middle of the photo below), is proof of the well deserved fame of the Sabo brand, which the market recognises as a «premium brand». «That is why – concludes Massimo Nuti – we must never let our guard down on quality. The customer expects us to supply a perfect-made, well-finished product with a quality standard worthy of the original equipment»