James Sabo is an outlandish truck driver whose fantastic adventures have been attracting hoards of followers on the internet.

James Sabo: driving a truck safe and relaxed
In the first video James shows us the difference between driving a truck with shock absorbers of an unknown brand and one fitted with trusty SABO shock absorbers.


How to mount a shock absorber. Mr James Sabo try to do it
Are you a mechanic? Are you a truck-driver? Are you sad? Don’t worry, watch this interesting and funny video! Mr. James Sabo tries 10 ways to use a shock absorber.


James Sabo vs astroship
In the last video there’s a spot of drama as something incredible happens while James Sabo is driving his white Iveco along the flat roads of the plain…


James Sabo: apocalypse wow
After a shocking nuclear explosion the survivors look for some relics of their glorious past… and they find a real surprise.


James Sabo: one day in the beach
James Sabo is back, the crazy truck driver whose fantastic adventures going on the Web for a few weeks. This time James runs out of breath on the beach with his faithful SABO shock absorber, meanwhile a beautiful girl does jogging relaxed on the beach itself. This is what it looks like, seeing the first sequences, instead…


A beatiful girl and a big surprise for her
A beatiful girl, her boyfriends calls and promises a big surprise, she looks up at the sky dreamily will be a diamond? A sports car? A great puppy? None of this, our James Sabo comes with a flaming red shock absorbers. How will his beautiful girlfriend?


Without Sabo… no party!
A party with friends, just missing James Sabo, late as usual. People dance and have fun, while our hero, aboard his rickety truck, trying to get to the party. Suddenly the irreparable happens, the truck is broken down, and James is walking in the middle of the countryside, but among the partygoers someone suspected what happened …


James Sabo’s dream
James Sabo is waiting for his girlfriend to help him with his broken truck shock absorber. While the young lady arrives he dreams about his past adventures and the dream becomes a silly nightmare.