Welcome back to the SABO academy, today we’re going to talk about the chromium-plated piston rod, used to join the two parts of a shock absorber together.
The chromium-plated piston rod or, more simply, the piston rod, is essential to ensure concentricity between the fixed part and the mobile part as the latter slides up and down.
The rod is anchored to a plunger called a piston and to an upper coupling used to anchor the shock absorber to the vehicle frame.

Chromium plating also allows light lubrication of the rod thanks to contact with the internal oil of the shock absorber, thus enhancing fluidity.

To manufacture the piston rod we use steel, the surface of which is protected by chromium plating: this ensures total protection against chemical agents and the elements.
Here at SABO we produce chromium-plated piston rod using an automatically controlled machine that is able to complete cutting, lathing and threading tasks according to size tolerances that comply with the highest quality standards.