In this video Andrea Pelaia, of the technical department and quality, is going to talk about welding using a robotized work station and electrical spot-welding.

On a robotized work station the welding process is of the Mag type, that is, with the shielding gas on.

The robot arm simulates the movements made by a manual welder and ensures perfect repeatability of the process on welded semi-finished items. Moreover, the mechanical system gives the user total control over each individual piece and consequently ensures each completed piece is of the highest quality.

The electrical spot-welding is an autogenous pressure welding procedure that uses the high temperatures generated by the Joule effect as a heat source. The two elements are pressed against each other by water-cooled copper electrodes. Ohmic resistance In the contact zone causes, when the electrical current passes through, both materials to melt. The final result of this procedure is that the two materials are securely joined together.

At Sabo we chose this procedure as it is fast and ensures the two components are welded together securely. Our quality control facility periodically checks that welds are compliant with established technical specifications and that they are free from any defects.

Quality is a top priority at our Group as our mission is to supply a final product that meets customer expectations in full.