Welcome back to the Sabo Academy. In this video we will show you some issues that the shock absorber shows in operation, once mounted on the truck.

Among the main causes of the shock absorber defects in operation we have identified four macro types, among which we find the incorrect application, the maintenance of the vehicle, the road conditions and the driving style of our driver. among the elements that undergo these macro effects we have the chrome plated rod, of which we will talk about in the following.


The chrome plated rod is the internal rod of the shock absorber. In this sample, sawed for the occurrence, the piston is noted at the base while in the upper part we find the guide kit. In the upper part there is the oil seal while in the lower part, positioned at a certain height according to the correct geometry required for that type of application, we find the “O Ring”.

As an example I show you now the movement of the chromed rod inside the driving kit. In the lower part of the chrome plated rod rod, for reference, we note the piston. At the top of the guide kit, the oil seal is positioned instead.

As you can see, if the chromed rod, very greasy because immersed in oil in the inner part of the shock absorber, comes in contact with sand, gravel, or is hit by stones, it ruins causing the abrasion of the inner lips of the oil seal, making it ineffective.

Another example that I bring you, and that is important to define, is related to the maintenance of the suspension. They must have their own geometry, which must remain more or less regulated. On the contrary, the problems that I am now showing you can be verified. The origin of this damage is related to the fact that the shock absorber could not work linearly because it worked in flexion. As a result, with the forces at stake, the load of the truck, the roughness of the road, caused the breakdown of our chrome plated rod.

To reduce the effects on the shock absorber of these defects, we operate according to very high quality standards. In addition, if you need advice for the correct application or the right shock absorber for your truck, follow what is indicated in our catalog, or contact our technicians who are always at your disposal. Finally you can refer to the correct assembly instructions that we have included in our new packaging.