Shock-absorbers-industrial-vehiclesRoberto Nuti Group, a benchmark company in the sector of top quality spare parts for commercial vehicles, has manufactured and distributed truck shock absorbers for industrial vehicles for 30 years: a range of more than one thousand shock absorbers for heavy duty transport and commercial vehicles. The whole SABO line for commercial vehicles, manufactured and tested in two branches located in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, is ISO 9001 certified. The products are ready to deliver, both for the distribution and the final user. It is a full range suitable for the models of all the brands.

The experience built up over the years has turned truck shock absorbers into the most appreciated ones by the leading manufacturers of trailers, axles and distributors of spare parts for industrial vehicles. Moreover, SABO designers have always given special importance to the suggestions coming from their more and more demanding dealers and end users.

The truck shock absorber for industrial vehicles Sabo is specially designed to make up for many of the problems resulting from the heavy wear and tear and intense use suffered by industrial vehicles over time.
Shock absorbers SABO offers not only technical advantages but also an excellent quality for price and a complete range of items designed for the most widespread models of trucks, trailers, axles, buses, trains and tram of all makers. Presently a complete catalogue, including more than one thousand types of shock absorbers, allows Roberto Nuti Spa to satisfy the performance, safety and comfort requirements of his clients spread in 80 countries.