SABO Ammortizzatori Srl management operates in compliance with the safety and environmental protection standards in force and continuously improves performance to ensure the full satisfaction of all customers and other interested parties.

SABO Green Water Bottle

Roberto Nuti Group introduces the first project related to environmental sustainability, with the goal of reducing the use of plastic in the RNB companies. For this purpose we gift our employees and customers a SABO-MUPO branded water bottle, in order to reduce the use of plastic and spread an eco-sustainable culture.

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Our environmental management system

In the spirit of this philosophy, an Environmental Management System has been implemented via policies that ensure business is done according to the following principles:

  • constant improvement of company processes and related environmental aspects;
  • safeguarding the integrity of the environment around our factories;
  • ensuring compliance with current legislation through continuous, strict controls;
  • management, conservation and, where possible reduction of use of natural resources;
  • identifying the key environmental aspects of production, assessing their impact and controlling them;
  • guaranteeing a safe, healthy environment for all workers (employees and third parties);
  • continuously improving environmental performance to prevent or reduce pollution;
  • minimising production of pollutants where direct influence can be exerted, in accordance with economic feasibility and sustainability criteria;
  • providing – via the environmental declaration and by all suitable means – all employees, suppliers, public authorities, customers, the public and anyone who so requests with information on company policy, strategy and results achieved.

To ensure compliance with these principles, SABO AMMORTIZZATORI Srl committed, over the three-year period 2015-2018, to continuous, systematic, widespread action to:

  • control use and consumption of resources and raw materials by focusing on energy-related aspects of SABO AMMORTIZZATORI SpA manufacturing processes, pursuing efficiency by acting on facilities and equipment and raising awareness among personnel;
  • optimise waste levels as a direct consequence of the aforementioned resource utilisation goal in order to achieve proportional reductions;
  • prevent/minimise risk of contamination by dangerous substances;
  • focus on training to maximise personnel skills and awareness, especially as regards new hires, while enhancing the professional development of all workers;
  • put control and monitoring systems in place to improve the performance of suppliers not in possession of environmental certification through direct audits.

All members of personnel must play a part in maintaining and improving on the results obtained in these areas. In this context, all members of personnel must, within their specific remits, consider environmental protection and workplace safety/hygiene as priorities and are consequently invited to suggest any improvements that might be made in their specific areas.

20 April 2018 Rev. 6

You can request an environmental policy statement from: mail@sabo.it

Packaging information

According to European Directives EU 2018/851 and EU 2018/852 we inform you about the details of our packaging material.

The disposal procedures might be different according to Country Rules. Please check with your local authorities about the correct procedure for recycling and disposal of packages.

Here below the descriptions and the symbols of the packaging items that you might find in our shipments.