Iveco Daily wins the “Sustainable Truck of the Year”

IVECO Daily wins the “Sustainable Truck of the Year” award for the second year running with the new Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, an absolute first in sustainability in its sector

​​​​​​​Just days after its official launch, IVECO’s Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power has won the “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018” title in the van category. The award, promoted by “Vado e Torno” magazine in association with LifeGate, was presented at the Ecomondo 2017 trade fair dedicated to the key players in the circular economy sector, from materials and energy recovery to sustainable development.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power belongs to the brand-new Daily Blue Power family, a range of products that frees operators from the constraints of limited access to city centres. This new family offers a choice of three technologies, all of which deliver high levels of performance and efficiency:

  • The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power: the first Compressed Natural Gas vehicle with an 8- speed automatic gearbox in the LCV industry, it offers the perfect combination of low emissions and optimal driveability in urban areas – and, when running on biomethane it can reduce CO2 emissions by 95%, very close to zero;
  • The Daily Euro 6 RDE 2020 Ready: the first LCV ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations, as verified by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). A unique offer in the market.
  • The Daily Electric: the zero-emissions vehicle that enables circulation in cities, even those with the strictest traffic restrictions.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power has won the prestigious title of “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2018 in the van category. The award is promoted by Italian magazine “Vado and Torno” in collaboration with the University of Milan with the aim of highlighting the new technologies available in the commercial vehicle sector for 2017.

Judging is based on the Mobility Revolution Truck rating developed in partnership with LifeGate, a numerical classification system that can be used to assess and summarise the environmental impact of any freight vehicle. Now in its second year, the prize is awarded in three categories: The ‘Tractor’ category, for articulated trucks, the ‘Distribution’ category for delivery vehicles and the ‘Van’ category.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is part of the new Daily Blue Power product family, which was officially launched by IVECO on October 4th in Suzzara at the opening of the New Daily Center, the brand-new factory outlet and gateway to the home of the Daily.

This new sales outlet was created to showcase the multi-award winning Daily product family at its best and offer a unique customer experience. Visitors can discover the Daily’s long history of innovations and successes, as well as its features and advanced technologies that make this exceptional product family stand out. Customers are also able to see how the Daily comes together at the manufacturing plant, experiencing first-hand the advanced manufacturing technologies and processes that guarantee the consistently high quality of the vehicles coming off the assembly line.

The new Daily Blue Power family, produced in Suzzara, aims to be the sustainable business partner for urban transport operators, opening the way for a new concept of unlimited transport that will free them from the constraints of increasingly stringent traffic and access restrictions in cities.

The winner of the Sustainable Truck of the Year award, the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, combines the sustainability of IVECO’s Natural gas engine technology and the absolute driving pleasure of its class-exclusive 8-speed Hi-Matic transmission, making it the best solution for urban transport applications. This vehicle delivers the robustness, performance and legendary reliability that the Daily has become known for, together with greater comfort and significant reductions in fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and CO2, as well as best-in-class driveability.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power builds on IVECO’s extensive experience of more than 20 years’ pioneering work in natural gas technologies. It features the 3.0-litre F1C engine that generates 136 hp, delivering a best-in-class torque of 350 Nm. This engine of industrial derivation is more robust and guarantees more torque and better driveability than ordinary CNG car-derived engines, delivering superb performance without compromise.

The environmental performance of the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is equally remarkable: the engine complies with Euro 6/D standards with 76% less particulate matter and 12% lower NOx emissions than IVECO’s Euro VI 3.0-litre diesel engine, which already generates extremely low levels. In real driving conditions and in an urban context, the CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3% lower than those of the equivalent diesel version. The application of the Hi-Matic transmission to CNG engine further improves this performance, extending this gap to 5%. If bio-methane is used to run the CNG engine, CO2 emissions can be slashed by 95%, to almost zero.

The use of biomethane also brings other advantages, such as a further dramatic reduction in the CO2 emissions linked to transportation of fuel, since biomethane can be handled at local level.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is also economically more sustainable: 2.5% less fuel is required (when compared to the CNG manual gearbox version used in a real urban context), and the lower pump price of CNG compared to diesel translates into a very competitive cost per km. If factors such as engine efficiency and energy value are considered, natural gas can deliver cost savings of up to 35% compared to diesel.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is also extremely quiet compared to its diesel equivalent, making it ideal for night time deliveries in urban areas.

The on-board technology provided with the vehicle also includes the exclusive BUSINESS UP application, which transforms on-board connectivity into a true professional work tool, providing the customer with driving assistance as well as valuable business support.

The jury panel awarded the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power because “even though the fourth generation of the vehicle was only released last year, the Daily continues its drive towards greater sustainability, with continued updates and improvements both on a small and large scale.

With the launch of the Blue Power series, the 3.0-litre natural gas model is also equipped with an 8- speed electronic transmission, built by ZF and bearing the Hi-Matic name. This leap in quality not only greatly improves driving comfort – it also optimises the overall experience, both in terms of pure performance and fuel consumption.

With this latest advance, the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is an even more eligible candidate to replace diesel vehicles in city centres, thanks to even lower emissions (lower fuel consumption) compared to the manual version, lower noise levels (enhanced by the Eco function) and no drop in performance, with a range that is more than adequate.

The award was presented by Mauro Delle Fratte, Brand Manager Italian Exhibition Group, to Mihai Daderlat, IVECO Business Director for the Italian Market, during the 21st edition of Ecomondo 2017, the leading European green and circular economy trade fair held in Rimini, which ran from 7 to 10 November this year.

Maurizio Cervetto, General Manager of “Vado e Torno” made the following comment on the award of the prize to the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power: “With the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, IVECO has taken another decisive step towards sustainability. The engine – which delivers the same torque as its diesel equivalent – is combined with a superb transmission that ensures the smoothest possible operation, improving comfort and enhancing the benefits of the gas-powered Daily. This model emits up to 4 decibels of noise less than diesel version, with lower pollutant emissions and virtually no particulate matter, as well as boasting a greater capacity than diesel. What’s more, restricted traffic areas and night-time missions in city centres are no longer off-limits. The range is complete.

The award comes at the end of an important year for IVECO, during which the brand’s products have received widespread recognition for their contribution to the development of sustainable transport solutions. Indeed, this year alone, the brand has received multiple awards both nationally and internationally in recognition of its dedication to the natural gas sector – both compressed (CNG) and liquid (LNG) – and for its efforts in helping to develop and improve this market. This latest award presented to the company further raises the profile of the IVECO brand: with 80% of production planned for export to 91 countries, the Daily is the perfect ambassador for the brand.

IVECO is dedicated to becoming “your partner for sustainable transport”. Through its relentless commitment to the development of new technologies with low environmental and economic impact, the brand has earned recognition as a key player in the promotion and support of energy transition process that is increasingly gaining momentum across Europe.

IVECO’s product strategy is designed to provide customers with vehicles that enable them to be more sustainable, encouraging greater environmental awareness and fostering a more conscious approach to economic aspects. IVECO is the only manufacturer that offers a full range of models powered by natural gas, from light commercial vehicles to long-distance heavy trucks and buses.



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