SABO Academy

The SABO Academy was founded in 2014 with the aim of spreading knowledge about some mechanical components present in heavy and commercial vehicles: shock absorbers, air springs, calpiers and suspension.

Shock absorbers and air springs are components not very well known but at the same time essential for every type of vehicle, al the more so in the case of heavy vehicles (trucks, buses…), stressed in long journeys and on all types of terrain.

Knowing their functions, maintenance and life cycle, can bring significant benefits in terms of cost savings and road safety. SABO technicians, with video, graphics and technical drawings, will help us to better understand these components.

Shock Absorbers

A Shock Absorbers for everybody

The Shock Absorbers


The welding

Chromium plated-piston rod

The painting

The isolator

Air Springs

The Air Springs


The chrome plated rod

Brake caliper

fastening elements


Quality procedures

The square wave test

A smarter warehouse with the F.I.F.O. method

Quality checks

The calibration