Air Springs

Since 2010, shock absorbers have been supplied alongside another product, SABO air springs: together, they offer a perfect combination. Careful balancing of these two components, in fact, maximises the comfort and safety of the entire suspension system.

Balancing the shock absorber/air springs set is essential for softening the impact that tens of thousands of kilometres of heavy duty driving in all weathers can have on the vehicle set-up.

SABO spare parts are designed and manufactured at our plant in Bursa (Turkey) and distributed to all international markets by Roberto Nuti Spa (based in Castel Guelfo, near Bologna, Italy), which also manufactures and distributes Sabo shock absorbers.

We have huge confidence in Sabo aftermarket spare parts quality: that’s why we guarantee our products for 3 years from the date of production. A choice that, once again, highlights our focus on the customer, from high performance materials to meticulous packaging, from after-sales assistance to warranty.

Air springs for trucks

SABO air springs satisfy the most diverse needs on front, rear and trailing axles, as well as on the leading axle of semi-trailer tractors. This makes them extremely efficient on commercial vehicles of any type.

SABO air springs are designed to ensure excellent drive comfort, increase road safety and reduce downtimes thanks their exceptional, long-lasting strength.

In addition to their technical advantages, SABO air springs have an excellent price/quality ratio and include a complete range of items, designed for all the most common makes and models of truck.

Air springs for buses

Today, buses typically use air springs because they ensure very good drive comfort and constant height regardless of load. Generally speaking, two air springs are mounted on the front axle and four on the rear. Latest-generation buses feature air springs that lower one side of the vehicle at stops to assist passenger access.

SABO air springs for buses ensure high levels of comfort and safety for drivers and passengers alike; moreover, in combination with the shock absorbers, they keep the vehicle balanced at all times regardless of load, a must for this type of vehicle.

SABO aftermarkets spare parts are designed and built to meet a wide range of needs in multiple urban and long-distance transport sectors, making them suitable for any load or route.

Cabin air springs

Drive cabs and seats can be cushioned with air springs to improve comfort and safety and provide a better working environment. Depending on vehicle design, the air spring is used as a separate suspension element alongside a vibration damper or combined as an integral air spring/damping unit.

Air springs for trailers and semi-trailers

Most modern trailers and semi-trailers are equipped with air suspension. Each axle assembly generally has two air springs behind the axle – one on each side. Where several axles are combined, one axle is often equipped with a lift device (lift or tag axle) to reduce tyre wear when the vehicle is empty. Air springs boast high load carrying capacity and generous suspension travel in these applications.

The outstanding quality of SABO air springs safeguards both the transported goods and the vehicle itself while improving safety in terms of vehicle handling.