Shock absorbers

Roberto Nuti Group, a leading provider of high quality aftermarket spare parts for commercial vehicles, produces and distributes a range of over a thousand shock absorbers for heavy duty transport. SABO shock absorbers have been built in our factories since the 1970s. The entire SABO product line, built and tested in the two plants in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, is ISO 9001 certified. All shock absorbers are available for immediate delivery. We provide a comprehensive range of models for all truck and bus brands.

In addition to shock absorbers for commercial vehicles, the SABO range includes shock absorbers for truck cabs, trailer axles, buses, trains, trams and metro carriages, agricultural applications and custom/special vehicles.

Years of experience have made SABO commercial vehicle shock absorbers highly popular among the major trailer and axle manufacturers and the main heavy goods vehicle spare parts distributors. This is because, over time, SABO designers have focused their efforts on suggestions forwarded by increasingly demanding retailers and end users

Shock absorbers for trucks

SABO spare parts are specifically designed to cope with the intense long term heavy-duty use typically associated with trucks.

Moreover, they guarantee excellent driving comfort, increase road safety and reduce downtimes thanks their exceptional, long-lasting strength.

In addition to their technical advantages, SABO shock absorbers have an excellent price/quality ratio and include a complete range of items, designed for all the most common makes and models of truck. A comprehensive commercial vehicle catalogue, which now includes more than a thousand types of shock absorber, ensures the Roberto Nuti Group is able to meet the modern performance, safety and comfort needs of customers in over 80 countries.

Shock absorbers for trailers and semi-trailers

SABO produces a wide range of shock absorbers for trailers and semi-trailers. These ensure easier trailer towing, even on uneven surfaces, and ensure safer on-road vehicle performance.

SABO shock absorbers – when used together with the air suspension systems now common on most modern trailers and semi-trailers – ensure excellent protection for both the transported goods and the vehicle itself, not to mention greater vehicle stability and excellent surface grip.

When combined with SABO air springs, SABO shock absorbers provide outstanding load capacity and generous suspension travel in these applications, ensuring efficient transport.

Shock absorbers for buses

SABO shock absorbers for buses ensure high levels of comfort and safety for drivers and passengers alike; moreover, in combination with air springs, they keep the vehicle balanced at all times regardless of load, a must for these vehicles.

SABO shock absorbers are designed and built to meet a wide range of needs in various urban and long-distance transport sectors, making them suitable for any load or route.

Cabin shock absorbers

SABO brand cabin shock absorbers are intended for commercial trucks. Essential for driver safety, cab shock absorbers cushion vibration and movement, ensuring reliability and comfort.

SABO spare parts reduce stress, improving driver comfort, enhancing safety and providing a better working environment.

Shock absorbers for trains, trams and metro systems

In June 2020 we obtained UNI EN 15085-2: 2008 certification which certifies the welding processes used to make railway shock absorbers; such certification is compulsory for firms supplying the strategically important rail sector. With these products, the Design, Quality Assurance and Production departments work in strict adherence to rules regulating railway supplies. SABO shock absorbers ensure passenger comfort and vehicle safety.

To ensure our shock absorbers provide long-lasting performance and quality, production is tightly controlled by the factory’s Quality Assurance department and uses cutting-edge equipment such as welding robots, electronically controlled tools and final inspection machines.

The SABO shock absorbers production covers many of the applications in the railway sector, specifically we produce:

  • vertical shock absorbers for primary and secondary suspension
  • horizontal shock absorbers for secondary suspension
  • shock absorbers with single or double calibration (differentiated or stroke dependent calibration)
  • fields of application: shunting locomotives, locomotives, electric trains, railway carriages


Applications in agriculture

Tractors and their drivers undergo strain and stress on a daily basis on account of having to drive over rough, challenging terrain. SABO shock absorbers help reduce that stress, enhancing driving comfort and safety.

Lastly, in addition to spare parts, SABO also produces original equipment in collaboration with agricultural vehicle manufacturers.

The SABO shock absorbers production covers the following applications in the agricultural sector:

  • vertical shock absorbers for axle suspension
  • horizontal shock absorbers for steering axles
  • shock absorbers for cab suspension with or without suspension
  • spring vertical or horizontal dampers for sprinkler arms (sprayers)
  • shock absorbers for semi-damper
  • modules for forestry grapple.


Custom/special vehicle shock absorbers

The SABO factory in Vicchio del Mugello designs, validates and manufactures shock absorbers for original equipment in collaboration with vehicle manufacturers. On request, it also develops and builds shock absorbers for special applications such as industrial washing machines, dodgems, military vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles and off-road vehicles.

Key customers include manufacturers of road vehicles and vehicles for agriculture and various special applications.

The factory is certified ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO EN 15085 (welding).

Design work is done on CAD and FEM systems, with designers working closely with customers’ Technical Offices.

Project validation is performed according to the customer’s test specifications or in compliance with internal SABO specifications, with final certification of the product’s hydraulic characteristics carried out on an MTS test machine.