SABO Ammortizzatori Srl

Since the middle of the 1970s, SABO Srl has produced shock absorbers under the SABO trademark for trucks, trailers and buses: a range of products which are entirely interchangeable with all principal brands on the world market,  for heavy vehicles.

The SABO Srl plant is in Tuscany, in Vicchio del Mugello, an area that is famous for its artistic past and its history of motors.

SABO is part of the Roberto Nuti Group (visit  the website Roberto Nuti Group).

The others companies in the Group:

Roberto Nuti Spa

Roberto Nuti Spa is the exclusive distributor of SABO products, which are designed for industrial vehicles and manufactured by the companies in the group: the range of shock absorbers, air springs, V Bar as well as MUPO shock absorbers and forks for motorbikes and scooters.
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SABO HEMA Automotive

SABO Hema Automotive Ltd born 2009 and is located in a Gurgaon, near New Delhi. It is a joint venture between Roberto Nuti Spa and the Indian group Hema Engineering Industries Ltd
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SABO Suspension System

SABO Suspension System is a joint venture between the Roberto Nuti Spa and some leading figures in the technology and in the sale of this product. SABO Suspension System is located in Bursa, Turkey, and produces Air Springs and Cabin Shock Absorbers.
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Mupo Srl

Mupo is a historic brand which has produced suspension for both racing and competition motorbikes. Its mobile unit follows numerous riders and champions of all categories to international race tracks.Mupo joined the Roberto Nuti Group in 2010 and is situated in the Castel Guelfo plant.
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