Driving skills are essential for delivering safe, sustainable and efficient transport solutions. That’s why the Scania Driver Competition rewards professional drivers who make a difference behind the wheel. With over 350,000 participants globally, the Scania Driver Competition is the world’s biggest competition for truck drivers. To be the best, it takes practice, determination and experience.

Scania Driver Competitions highlights the driver as the single most important asset for economy, environment and safety. Learn more about the driving forces behind the competition.

Drive safely

Skilled drivers are able to increase road safety by driving defensively, practising good judgement and handling emergency situations professionally.

Drive sustainable

Improved fuel economy benefits both drivers and the environment. By driving responsibly, drivers can help lower CO2 emissions as well as overall transportation costs.

Drive to win

If you’re in it to win it, Scania Driver Competitions is where you can measure your skills against the best. Have you got what it takes to reach the top?