The new Tesla electric truck has been presented for about a week from the Casa di Palo Alto, which will be available in two variants and can be ordered with an advance of 20 thousand dollars!

The eco-sustainable truck in 2 different versions.
It’s called Tesla Semi and is the latest creation of Elon Musk, as we said proposed in two different versions:

1. an entry-level version with a price of 150 thousand dollars and with a range of 450 kilometers.

2. a top-of-the-range $ 180,000 version, equipped with batteries that will allow you to travel even up to 800 kilometers with a single and unique energy charge.

The performance of the electric truck
The manufacturer of this electrical prodigy is a Californian and has also released interesting data regarding the performance of this creation.

The eco-friendly truck will have no trailer to have an acceleration from 0 to 60 mph (96km / h) in 20 seconds, while with the single tractor the time will drop to just 5 seconds. Not bad for this revolutionary truck, what do you think?