Transpotec Logitec 2017, held at VeronaFiere from 22 to 25 February, will be an edition to remember in terms of figures, quality content and exhibitor satisfaction. The event’s 331 participants (+ 20%), represented in a net area of 40,000 sqm (+ 30%), were able to experience first-hand the interest (and high conversion rate) of visitors, who crowded the halls, driven by the desire to discover the many new features and previews on display.
The four-day event dedicated to transport, logistics and construction/road machinery – which for the first time pooled together Transpotec Logitec, Samoter and Asphaltica – registered a total of 84,000 visitors from 86 nations.
In particular, 31,000 professionals (+ 29%) accessed Transpotec through the dedicated reception desks. To this number can be added the figure – which cannot be quantified exactly, having aided visitors by removing all barriers between the three events – relating to those who accessed the event from the Sa.Mo.Ter and Asphaltica reception desks and who decided to visit Transpotec as well.
“We are very pleased with the 2017 results,”said Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager of Transpotec Logitec. “The figures speak for themselves, but – even more importantly – so do the opinions of the operators. Many have said that Transpotec has ‘finally made a comeback’, and this confirms that the direction taken three years ago was the right one: the various stakeholders – companies, publishers, associations, Fiera Milano and Fiera Verona – have all been pulling in the same direction, and today we can finally say that the event has regained its leading role in the Italian road haulage market. This year, the show conveyed a clear sense of optimism and positivity about the future, which was visible in the strong commitment demonstrated to innovation in the pursuit of efficiency and environmental sustainability. And, on an even more positive note, the event has restored its role as a venue in which to do business and enter into contracts.”
The project’s validity is further confirmed by the growing interest registered both by Italian visitors from all 20 regions, and by foreign operators from 67 countries, up 50% compared to last year, thus confirming Transpotec’s role on an international level.
In particular, Fiera Milano directly selected 100 hosted buyers with top spending power from 20 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin; these buyers arranged 608 appointments with exhibiting companies throughout the four-day event.
Transpotec 2017 stood out in particular for the comprehensiveness and wealth of the products displayed.
Ten vehicle manufacturerspresented their flagship products, many of which were being premiered on the Italian market: DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz and Scania showcased their best innovative heavy duty vehicles, while Citroën Italia, Fiat Professional, Ford, Peugeot Automobili Italia, Volkswagen, alongsideIveco, MAN and Mercedes-Benz, presented their range of light duty commercial vehicles.
There was also a varied offering involving setups, box vans and trailers, with a wide range of proposals for temperature-controlled transport, technologies and services for single vehicles and fleets, and aftermarket product and services.
For all concerned, the keywords were innovation, safety and environmental friendliness.
Most of the proposals were characterised by a new concept of sustainability, combining savings and efficiency, such as: numerous alternative fuel technologies for both light and heavy duty vehicles; sophisticated and customisable on-board technologies capable of optimising fuel consumption and route management; new systems leveraging the potential of connectivity and new materials; and futuristic green concepts such as automated driving systems.
The trade show saw the organisation of many vertical events designed to provide in-depth, comprehensive information on topics of special interest.
In particular, this year saw the introduction of the Aftermarket Village organised by the Parts Truck magazine and dedicated to spare parts and accessories for trucks. Twenty-six companies attended this event, including major aftermarket suppliers for the truck industry. Moreover, there was a rich schedule of training events centred on four themes: Safety, Connectivity, Efficiency and Eco-sustainability.
Through a special partnership with the Trasportare Oggi in Europa magazine, the Transpotec public was able to embark on a virtual journey revealing the secrets of commercial and industrial vehicles. The 360° Virtual Vehicles experience attracted the interest of more than 2000 industry operators, who were offered 21 videos created especially for the event to provide an original and alternative insight into the offering of the 7 participating vehicle manufacturers.
Those in search of a more “hands-on” experience were able to find some interesting deals at the Piazza dell’Usato, or second-hand vehicle area, set up by the Camion Supermarket magazine and offering quality used vehicles at unbeatable prices – yet another opportunity to expand your fleet and grow your business with efficient, good-value, guaranteed vehicles. 
Finally, FAI Service’s Tracky Village provided a space packed with endless opportunities and services offered to hauliers by FAI Service and its partners: from insurance services to those relating to motorways, trains and ferries, accessories and products for vehicle maintenance, fuel, security-related technologies, and much more besides.
Transpotec’s rich training programme was also highly appreciated. The 70 conferences, seminars and workshops offered throughout the exhibition recorded more than 3,300 participants overall. This marks a significant raise in awareness of the importance of training for all industry professionals, who are increasingly required to be informed and updated on the various regulatory, technological and practical aspects of their profession.
With this in mind, a conference was organised – in partnership with Transpotec – by UNRAE and by the Central Committee of the Italian National Register of Road Haulage. The conference centred on the training of the workforce of tomorrow, which – if adequately trained – can find many career opportunities in the transport sector.
Safety was another hot topic at the trade show. Indeed, Transpotec set the scene for the latest Round Table on Road Safety, which brought together various stakeholders and laid the groundwork for proactive thinking aimed at improving road safety. Following the closed-door meeting, a workshop was organised by the Vie & Trasporti magazine, focusing on finding new solutions to new problems.The workshop offered a chance to dissect the most topical issues of road safety: from the causes of accidents to necessary preventive measures. Great attention was also devoted to active safety equipment and its role in reducing risk in the event of an accident.
Other meetings and workshops organised by publishers, associations and companies addressed a number of current issues, such as: protection of drivers and cargo; new regulatory and legal aspects; the well-being of drivers – considered key industry players – and their responsibilities; insights into fleet management systems, with a view to optimising costs and consumption; new technologies; and the most innovative tools to ensure more efficient services.
2017 will also be remembered as the year of the Transpotec Awards, rewarding excellence in the industry and focusing the attention on deserving businesses and professionals.
Sustainability was rewarded by the STY-Sustainable Truck of the Year award, organised by the magazine Vado e Torno and by LifeGate, a company specialising in consultancy and sustainable development. The award analysed the products available on the market in 2016 according to Mobility Revolution Truck, an index that analytically defines truck sustainability, taking into account not just how environmentally-friendly trucks are, but also how safe, efficient and comfortable they are in their everyday use. The winners, split into three categories, were: Scania Next Generation for the Tractor category dedicated to long-distance vehicles; Iveco Eurocargo CNG for the Distribution Truck category, dedicated to vehicles used for distribution, waste transport, and city transport in general; Iveco Electric Daily for the Van category dedicated to vans of all sizes.
The Fabio Montanaro Award, dedicated to one of the most distinguished Italian automotive journalists and organised by Trasportare Oggi in Europa, rewarded four figures, from four different areas, for their professionalism, their career or their work in the transport sector: Paolo Altieri (Journalists category), Paolo Lanzoni (Communications category), Antonio (Tonino) Mollica (Drivers category) and BRA Servizi of the Piumatti Group (Companies category).
Finally, the tuttoTrasporti magazine presented awards to the Stars of Transport, industry operators who have stood out for their innovative initiatives, products and services: Consorzio Coneco (Haulier of the Year); Germani Spa (Trucking Company); Anteo (Setups and Trailers); Saf Holland (Innovative Content); Visirun (Advanced Services); Mobility Advance Mercedes (Start-Up); Youth Project of the Italian National Register of Road Haulage, Unrae, Anfia, and the associations of truck drivers and driving schools (Initiative of the Year); Trasporti Antenore Pigozzi (Solidarity); and a special award to Multitrax.
Moreover, during the ceremony, the international jury – with Italy represented by tuttoTrasporti – awarded the new Volkswagen Crafter the prize for “International Van of the Year”.
Once again, one of the plus points of Transpotec was the opportunity to test drive the trucks and commercial vehicles of the main manufacturers on a city circuit. As a result, drivers were able to experience first-hand the performance of different vehicles in real-life situations.
As per tradition, Saturday is party day at Transpotec. From the early morning, visitors were able to admire the 30 most famous decorated and personalised trucks in Europe, brought to VeronaFiere by Truck Look to celebrate the last day of the exhibition: a feast of light, colour, chrome-plating, technology and decoration to customise trucks and render them truly unique. A “playful” moment, therefore, but also an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with professionals fuelled by passion and by their day-to-day commitment to the road.