Volvo Trucks driver development

Volvo’s training courses are designed to help people make these changes. They teach drivers how to save fuel, drive safely and get the most from a truck.

The courses are carefully designed to teach drivers how they can best utilise the features and services of a truck. They can also help improve industry knowledge. Provide tips on how to handle the vehicle better for increased fuel efficiently. Or drive safer and smarter, increasing productivity.

For example: simply by improving the way a driver accelerates and brakes, an immediate fuel saving of up to 10% is possible.

Our training courses spring from decades of research and experience. They’re led by specialist instructors and combine theory with practical coaching. The training trucks we use are kitted out with the latest in fuel saving and safety technology. And each course can be tailored to an individual’s requirements – or those of a company. In markets with mandatory further education of professional truck drivers, Volvo’s courses comply with directives.

Vehicle Handover
To ensure day-to-day productivity it is important that the driver is familiar with the vehicle that they are driving. Simple checks are key before and after each job which can make a huge difference. Learning how to better utilise the vehicle and being fully aware of it’s capabilities can help to improve driver safety, lowering maintenance costs and making the business even more efficient.

Knowing and understanding your equipment is important in any trade, and in transportation it is imperative that your drivers know how to handle their vehicles properly. Getting total efficiency from your vehicle will ensure productivity and ultimately help save on your bottom line costs.

Reducing the number of accidents caused by tired and overworked drivers is an important step in maximising driver efficiency and performance. The introduction of digital tachographs streamlined the flow of recordable data and has also reduced the number of drivers illegally working over the EU working time directive.

Driver Well-Being
This course is designed to help you as a driver to maintain a healthier lifestyle, whilst spending long periods of time behind the wheel. A good driver makes time to maintain his vehicle properly, but what about a driver’s maintenance? What would you do at the scene of an accident? Together we will look at the options as your well-being counts too.

Advanced Fuel Economy
In a tough and competitive industry an efficient, knowledgeable driver can be a real advantage. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, it is important to make every mile count and ensure that your drivers understand how to get the best from their truck. Knowing how to maximise every last drop of fuel will not only make your drivers more efficient but will also make a noticeable difference to your bottom-line operating costs.

Intelligent truck
Volvo’s commitment to safety is unquestionable, our trucks are known for being the safest vehicles on the road and many of our vehicles are now fitted with latest safety equipment to help prevent any unexpected situations. Your drivers and vehicles are an essential part of your business and this unique course will help ensure that they are confident, protected and most importantly safe behind the wheel with complete knowledge of all technological features


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