The third mobility package was presented by the European Commission on 17 May last, which includes the request for manufacturers to adopt a series of technological improvements to reduce road accidents and consequently the number of road deaths.

The European Union, after having made the ABS, then the ESP, then several and numerous Airbags and lastly the eCall call, obligatory in the previous years, now aims to introduce new safety systems as standard, devices that are already coming proposed but on average within the list of options, with the aim of reducing by 50% the number of deaths from road accidents by 2030.

Twelve will be the devices that will have to become mandatory and standard, some for cars and others also for vans, trucks and buses.

What are the safety devices for trucks that will become mandatory?

  • Ignition lock by alcohol test
  • Driver fatigue detection systems
  • Driver distraction detection systems
  • Emergency braking signal
  • Smart cruise control
  • Rear camera

The objective of these measures is to reduce serious and fatal accidents by 50% compared to today between 2020 and 2030, with the ambitious target of zero victims in 2050.

The Roberto Nuti Group supports any intervention aimed at improving road safety, we ourselves put these aspects at the center of our work. Occupational safety is the most important thing.