On February 15th a second SABO Academy meeting took place with our customer DATACOL and its salesmen.

Leonardo Borghi (Italy Sales Director), Moris Modelli (Warehouse Manager) and Elisa Rossi (Product Manager) showed the characteristics and strengths of the Roberto Nuti group and its products: the range of products, the production processes and the online catalog were shown.

In particular it was explained in detail how to recognize the correct spare part, whether it is an air spring or a shock absorber. The meeting follows other events that have already taken place in the previous months, in order to better understand the products, the group and provide our customers with sales support.

“These are important moments – explains Leonardo Borghi -, during which we can concretely test the innovations and products of the group. Moreover, thanks to the presence of Moris Modelli, we can talk about the technical specifications of the product and its applications. ”