During November a delegation of Roberto Nuti Group visited MEI headquarters in Sheffield, in the United Kingdom. Elisa Rossi (product & Marketing manager), Leonardo Borghi (Sales Manager Director for the Italian Market) and Massimiliano Balardi (Quality Manager) have taken part to the visit. Three very important days, useful to deepen the knowledge of MEI’s calipers and slack adjuster, exclusively distributed in Italy by Roberto Nuti Spa.

A series of “field tests”, assembly and dismantling of the products in order to better understand the characteristics of these products.

This meeting follows the two “MEI Tech tours” organized between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 in Italy, when Lex Randall, technical manager of the English company, and Steven Shaw, MEI sales manager director, visited the headquarters of some distributors and Italian dealers to present their products.

“Our visit to Sheffield confirms the trust that our Group has in MEI products,” explains Leonardo Borghi, “until today there were new, original and regenerated calipers in the market. MEI calipers, which we distribute exclusively for Italy, are new and with the same performances of OEM products. In addition, their price is much closer to the regenerated than to the original ones, with a two-year guarantee and without any deposit for the return of the carcasses “.

Some images of the three days in Sheffield: