From the last issue of our business magazine, which you can consult on all the old numbers on the robertonutinews.infosite, we publish the article in the SABO directory in Italy, dedicated to Dierre Dimensione Ricambi di Roma.

Dierre Dimensione Ricambi (DDR S.p.a.) was founded in Rome in 1987 and immediately gained success as a pivotal distributor of spare parts for commercial vehicles, buses and trailers. Now, after nearly thirty years’ of doing business, the group has 10 facilities in Italy (in the regions of Lazio, Tuscany, Lombardy, Umbria, Marche and Emilia Romagna), 55 of its own express delivery vehicles and over 100 employees and partners ready to serve a pool of 10,000 customers: all of whom can count on a catalogue of 100,000 articles and, above all, outstanding service, customer care and professionalism.

The comprehensive D.D.R. spare parts catalogue also includes articles produced by SABO. The company’s general manager, Marco Pallottini, tells us about this successful partnership.

When did you start distributing SABO products?

We began distributing the SABO brand way back in 1988.

Which SABO products do you distribute?

Our customers will find our warehouses stocked with the entire range. From cab shock absorbers to air springs and bellows. In short: everything SABO has to offer.

What, in your opinion, are the strong points of SABO products?

One key factor is the extensive catalogue, which contains products with an excellent price-quality ratio. Moreover, anyone in our business knows that order completion times, together with product quality and reliability, is essential for the widespread market success of a brand: also in this regard, then, SABO allows us to manage our warehouses effectively and complete our customers’ orders punctually.

To sum up, how do you see the current economic situation in the heavy and commercial transport sector?

Analysis of trucks and other vehicles on the road has yielded encouraging signs since the end of 2015, signs confirmed by the growth observed throughout 2016. This expansion is in line with increases in industrial output and import-export activities. Double-figure growth of new heavy vehicle registrations for the first half of this year has given us a strong sense of confidence for the near future.