We are delighted to announce that the first MEI Tech tour, organized by the RNB group was held in Italy in conjunction with MEI company, world leader in the brake calipers production, exclusively distributed by RNB group for the Italian market.

Mr. Lex Randall, Tech Manager and Mr. Steven Shaw, MEI’s UK Sales Manager, spent a week in Italy and together, with Leonardo Borghi (Italy’s Sales Director of Roberto Nuti Group) met with some key customers from Northern Italy:

  • Nardi Ricambi – Lucca
  • Cravedi – Treviso
  • Dierre Group – Mestre
  • RAR Ricambi – Milano
  • Rossi Ricambi – Ferrara

“The purpose of this week’s meeting – explained Mr. Leonardo Borghi – was to present, in addition to a new product, an innovative idea for the positioning of brake calipers in the spare parts market.

To date there are new and OE brake calipers and reconditioned brake calipers.

MEI’s brake calipers, which we distribute, are new and with excellent performance, identical to those supplied with new vehicles; at the same time, they are sold at a price range much closer to that of the regenerated ones than to that of the OEs.

 “The strengths on which MEI’s products are proposed are: a two-year warranty, a more than attractive competitive pricing and no need of bail for the return of the carcasses. ”

 “For us it is always interesting to meet the representatives of the manufacturers of the products we distribute – said Edoardo Picciolo, Sales Manager of the RAR Ricambi of Milan – for the day with the MEI technicians we expected for15 customers and, at the end, almost 30 came. These are moments of confrontation whereby exchanges of views and considerations go beyond the mere commercial aspect, but they also bring to light aspects that relate to technical and mechanical features. Of course I can confirm that this was a very useful initiative. ”

In addition to meetings with customers from Northern Italy, MEI technicians also held an internal training course for employees of the Roberto Nuti Group,

“It’s been an important week – concludes Mr. Borghi – during which we learned more about the product that we started marketing few months ago and from which we expect great results. We have already planned, for the coming weeks, a second part of MEI’s Tech Tour, in southern Italy. ”