MEI brake calipers, an Italian exclusive

Starting at the end of January 2017 the Roberto Nuti Group will become Italy’s exclusive distributor for the industrial vehicle brake calipers produced by MEI, a long-standing leader in the industry with over fifty years of history. These are high quality items, TS16949 certified with two years’ warranty.

“We already provided exclusive Italy-wide distribution of MEI auto-adjust brake levers”, explains Massimo Nuti, General Manager of the Roberto Nuti Group, “and have now expanded that partnership to include this latest high quality product in which MEI has invested heavily in terms of research and development. We’re proud to be the only ones allowed to market it in Italy”.

The main characteristics of MEI brake calipers:

  • The caliper body – made of a nodular cast iron specially formulated by MEI – ensures the strength needed to maximise its working life.
  • The profile of the lever unit has been machined with ultra-high precision to ensure outstanding brake performance.
  • Soft lever return is ensured by the dual return spring and newly designed activation block.
  • The adjustment unit has been improved with an exclusive MEI regulator, produced by leading European suppliers.
  • High quality seals provide excellent protection against water infiltration.

The calipers are tested according to ECE Reg 13 standards using a TÜV-certified dynamometer. Resistance to long-term stress is tested according to OEM standards. The calipers are also road-tested under extreme conditions. Moreover, they can be traced via their serial numbers, with each brake able to be linked to the results of individual quality controls.
MEI brake calipers shall be available on the Italian market as of January 2017. Follow the updates on our websites and